The elements in The Realm of Elements range from basic to complex combinations.

Elements Edit

Basic ElementsEdit

Fire - the element of heat and flame. It can burn things when it comes into contact. It is weak to water, due to the fact that water extinguishes flames. Usually, the Fire Kingdom's ruler utilizes this element.

Water - the element of liquids. It can make things wet when it comes into contact. It is weak to thunder, because water is a conductor.

Earth - the element of the earth, rocks and the soil. It can break various objects and is also brittle. It is weak to wind, because wind can erode earth.

Thunder - the element of the sky that generates electricity. It has higher oscillating force than wind. However, it is weak to earth, because earth is an insulator.

Air - the element of wind. It is made of oxygen and other helpful gases existing in the atmosphere. It is weak to fire, due to the fact that air is composed of oxygen, and oxygen is fuel to fire.

Secondary ElementsEdit

Steam - the element of vapor. It is formed by the evaporation of water due to heat.

Magma - the element of volcanoes. It is molten rock in volcanoes. There are some magma-elemental users, and one of them is a prominent member of the Fire Kingdom.

Plasma - the element of high temperature and pressure, the "4th state of matter". Plasma-elemental users are rare, one known user of this secondary element is a member of the Fire Kingdom. It is formed by high heat and electricity.

Sun - the element of the Sun. It is the element of heliomancers. It is greatly fueled with oxygen.


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