This page contains a list of the possible locations in the game The Realm of Elements.


Reathmos is a planet. It is found somewhere near the other planet Electrochroma.


  • Realmus - starting village of the main heroes in the game. This is where you can buy the cheapest and mostly basic items, weapons, and stuff in the game. 
  • Arcane Hut - the events reaching the penultimatum of the game takes place here. You can buy the near-strongest weapons here.
  • Paranorm's Gate - contains an optional and plot-related event.
    • Egraveyard - a plot-related location.
    • Jet Black Cave - contains an optional item.
  • Light Kingdom (Heliosia) - the kingdom of light. It is ruled by Lanzid, a light-elemental character.
  • Nature Kingdom (Geomur) - the kingdom of nature. 
  • Piranha Gate - the only path to the enetrance of Geomur. You must first defeat the Piranha Barbarian to gain access to Geomur.
  • Heroes' Bases - optional places where you can find items near the end of the game for an optional reward.
  • Heroic Guild - assembly of the main heroes.
  • Ancient Port - contains something interesting. You can only unlock it when you defeat the final boss of the game.
  • Remote Altar - a signal flare of the Elemental Stones. It is currently nothing to be visited, until it might be a plot-related location at the middle part of the game.
  • Banditry Guild - contains a boss and a key item.
  • Shaman's Hut - the residence of the Shaman.
  • Grotto of Muck - a plot-related location. You can visit it when you talk to an NPC for a side-quest.
  • Barbaria Woods - a plot-related location, where you can encounter fairies. This location is assumed to be like a village when you reach some path.


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